Systematic Innovation Management

Are you satisfied with the performance and outcome of your innovation efforts?

Do you know if the expectations on your innovation results is on par with competition?

Are your innovation initiatives and projects having difficulty getting the attention, traction and resources from your surrounding organization?

These are some of the challenges we help you address when build your capability for professional and systematic innovation management. We are one of the earliest innovation management pioneers, building organizational and individual capabilities to manage innovation.

We have the recipe to manage innovation based on more than 20 years of successful experiences (and some of the failures). We have shared this recipe to accelerate international co-creation. We are instrumental in co-creating the global ISO 56000 Innovation Management System standards and requirements, in order to help you with your Systematic Innovation Management for the future.

Working committee for Innovation Management standards

We help you interpret and apply the most critical parts, to engage your management and support you with innovation vision, strategies and policies. We support you in your resource optimization and allocation planning.

If your regulatory context so requires or customers are asking you for a systematic approach to innovation management, we support your innovation professionals how they can contribute to the future performance of your organization.

We can identify and assess your innovation maturity gaps and provide the audit preparation and readiness planning needed.

Contact us for a further discussion on how we can help you based on your innovation maturity.

ISO 56000 Innovation Management