Advice, Integration & Automation

We can support you in your role as the Accountable person for your organisation’s Management System.

Regardless if you are extremely experienced and have done this before (and just have a little bit too much on your plate right now) or if you are completely new in your role, there can be situations where an additional set of eyes or a sounding board is needed.

If you have the need for perspective, sometimes a comparison of how other organisations have chosen to implement their management system can be valuable, before committing your resources or making your investments.

We also engage as adjunct advisors in management teams, to provide advice and support tailored to your management discussions, like:

  • How have other organizations decided to document or digitize their processes and management systems and what should the cost be?
  • Which parts of our integrated management systems could be data-driven or should be automated?
  • Is there a way to provide the predictions needed with the data we are capturing about customers, products or services today and what to we need to consider to bring down the cost tomorrow?

Contact us for a discussion on how we can support you on some of these topics.