Interim Innovation Management

The Innovation field is full of contradictions and recommendations with uncertainty as one of the few common denominators. Did your Head of Innovation get recruited to another company? Have you just not found your ideal candidate yet? In order to not loose pace, we will help you to get started and find a temporary solution tailored to your needs. We will ensure your pace with an acting role for as long as you need one.

Practitioner’s head start With an interim head of innovation stepping into the operational activities and governance, you can expect to get a full set of the combined services carried out in way which is tailored to your organisation and a recipe for innovation which has already started cooking when we have identified your next innovation leaders and onboarded them. A part time solution can cover your temporary needs and get you started in the most effective way.

Part time You can choose a resource working for you on site and full time or to access your Head of Innovation remote and available 1-2 days per week. A part time solution will get you started and on your way while a 100% allocation the initial weeks or months may not be the most effective use of your budget unless you know exactly what you should be doing.

Retainer Another option is to ensure a retainer solution to get started and ask for a finite amount of support up front. You only get invoiced for the hours used or we find a solution where you have a guaranteed access and only extend the retainer if you use up all the hours. This is a great use of resources if you want to balance your available resources for updates, temporary adjustments or other minor initiatives.

Management System practitioner and thought leadership Have you considered the boundaries and limitations of a management system today and how you can free up resources of your organisation by integrating management systems? Are you fully aware of how Artificial Intelligence will impact your management system, the work you do now and the future of your business? Find inspiration in some of the prior arts in this field and take advantage of the work being done at the edge of the evolution of management system design in the converging industries of media, medicine and manufacturing.