Interim Leadership

Is your current leader making a career move and you need someone to hold the fortress until you find the ideal candidate or did your manager already leave for a new challenge?

Are you in the middle of a transformation and need a senior leader to handle your Management System and changes, both in the short term change while adapting to a longer term emerging horizon?

Interim leadership and interim management

Many of the operational tasks of a leader and senior manager have similarities. You set objectives, make plans and budget, ensure people are in the right place and know what to do. You oversee progress and fix things that are not working as planned or negotiate for resources or adjusting your objectives and plans. That’s it.

A part time solution can cover your temporary needs and get you started in the most effective way.

Short term interim management You can choose to a senior leader role, a practitioner that acts as your temporary manager, immediate term while helping you find the resources that free up your time to focus on a more strategic planning horizon or time to find the replacement.

A strategic planner Another option is to bring on a strategic resource to assist you in planning well ahead. This allows you to focus here and now on how you can best use your available budget and resources in the short term. At the same time you are assisted in creating a sustainable and integrated business management system for your longer term. And the investment plan for necessary resources.

Management System thought leadership

Are you fully aware of how Artificial Intelligence will impact your management system, the work you do now and the future of your business?

Have you considered the boundaries and limitations of a management system today and how you can free up resources of your organisation by integrating management systems?

Find inspiration in some of the prior arts in this field and take advantage of the work being done at the edge of the evolution of management system design in the converging industries of media, medicine and manufacturing.

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