Identify & assess your gaps

Are your existing customers asking you to show how you fulfil their requirements in RFQ processes, in order to start doing business with you?

Are you a startup hoping to qualify your new product or service, but you cannot interpret the language of the corporate multinational RFQ standard terminology?

Will your future customers require a certification or readiness plan to their industry standards and requirements in your industry?

If you don’t have a management system in place, we can assess your business or parts of it to identify what you already have in place and the gaps remaining to get your management system in place and fulfil requirements.

We create a scope for an assessment and plan to address the gaps, in line with customer requirements, your ambition level and available resources.

Building and certifying a management system is a long term commitment and investment in time and budget. At the same time it’s a commitment in quality, security, sustainability, environment or innovation, to your current and future customers, stakeholders and employees.

A management system does not need to be an additional burden on top of your existing business management or operations. All organizations have existing ways of working. There are great ways to reuse and integrate the most simple and transparent descriptions to create the foundation for your management system.

If you do it right, the effort you put in will show return in terms of iterated increase in efficiency, quality, sustainability, customer satisfaction and the success of your own business. 

A systematic approach to business, can integrate innovation with quality, security and sustainability.

Together, we map your needs and create a gap-analysis toward a result which could be a management system standard. We create a project plan, considering the resources you set aside and we describe how your management system will be built, by involving your organisation in each step.

Gradually sprinting your implementation, you will reach your goals faster while achieving better results and minimizing the gap between practice and its representation.

Contact us to set up a meeting on the next steps and how to get going.