About aiRikr

aiRikr Innovation is a consulting and advisory company established in 2020, based on the vision:

“Realize more new value in the world, for the world – and in co-creation with the world”.

New value in new value chains can effectively be realized by addressing pain points and problems, with re-use of existing and new solutions in white space constellations, as long as we share a common way of working with innovation and collaboration.

It’s like fusion cooking and we have that recipe to build the capacity to innovate and collaborate.

The vision is realized in co-creation with aiRikr Innovation and selected partners, providing services based on The recipe for innovation advice and training on systematic innovation management, by:

We share knowledge, experience and recommendations (The Recipe for innovation ) from the past 20 years of successful innovation initiatives, which are the base for the research and innovation standards now becoming available to the world through the ISO 56000 Innovation Management standard series.

These standards lay out the condensed definitions, prerequisites, recommendations and requirements which increase the chances of innovation success and decreases the risk of innovation failures.

By translating these recommendations and experiences into practice, the capability of your organisation to innovate will become more mature and the ability to manage innovation over time will be more effective.

This is essential when collaborating and co-creating solutions that realize new value together with other stakeholders in new value chain constellations, when shifting to an increasingly digital, sustainable and circular economy.

Since 2013, international experts from companies like Ericsson, Sony, aiRikr Innovation and partners have shared their accumulated expertise to SIS, RISE, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, CEN, and ISO to create these standards and implement common structures to accelerate innovation and realize new sustainable value (environmental, economical and social value) which will contribute to society and to business.

We have worked with global, European and Swedish experts to create the recommendations, the processes and tools to manage innovation and aiRikr Innovation is pleased to participate in multi-party-collaborations which require consortium-partnerships to realize the more complex objectives, beyond the possibilities of stand alone organisations.

We prioritize partnerships and collaboration for increased circularity and sustainable re-distribution of existing values within & between organisations which accelerate innovation that adresses the global sustainability development goals. (SDG 2030)