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aiRikr Innovation collaborates with multiple partners, with independent expertise in networks of specialized skillsets that are connected and loosly coupled to adapt to address and resolve challenges related to innovation, new sustainable business, structural- & regulatory challenges, sustainable transformation and change.



About aiRikr

We guide innovation and provide advice to boards, in businesses and public organisations who, like us, understand that the only way to do well is do good.

We believe that public / private partnerships is key to our future, combining entrepreneurship, assets and startups to innovate in supply chains, production, research & development, across industries and competence fields, combining purpose, reach and resources of goverments and NGOs to achieve the same goals as fast as possible.

We are matchmakers and pathfinders for businesses and organisations exploring opportunities and seeking new collaborations and partnerships that will help the world reach the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

aiRikr is a new type of company, focused on creating new value through white space innovation across public/private sector in completely new combinations of collaboration. aiRikr Innovation is a Swedish company, based in the growing Greater Copenhagen innovation eco-system, operating throughout the Nordic countries and countries connected to the eco-system corporate multinationals, public sector, startups, scaleups, incubators, accelerators, municipalities, universities and corporate multinationals  



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