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Enable your innovation capability with Innovation Management System!

Curator of your innovation success
Systematic innovation management, tailored to scale 

Decades of successful innovation management experience coupled with a world-wide, top tier, network makes it possible for us to provide unique Innovation Curation Services.

These services enable our customers to succeed with their innovation journey and scale at each stage, starting from their existing situation and needs. Hands-on creativity in start up's or corporate governance innovation support is based on the same principles. Utilization of combined assets to create new value in both private and public sector as well as in collaboration across, enabling societal, nation-wide innovation capabilities to secure long-term success.

We cater all your innovation needs and guarantee action, learning and results when principles are followed.   

We look forward enabling your innovation success. Connect to get started.

Johan Grundström Eriksson

International Innovation Management Expert

Innovation Curator


Example of our Innovation Management Service


  • Board Advisory

  • Innovation Coaching/Mentoring 

  • Innovation Capability Build up.


  • CXO/Board 

  • Organization

  • Individuals

Innovation Management (ISO 56001)

  • Pre Certification Assessment

  • GAP analysis

  • Action Road Map Proposal

Inspiration key note

  • Innovation Management

  • Innovation Eco-System 

  • Innovation Capability


Network and benchmark​

  • Connecting people

  • Setting up Innovation coalitions

  • Innovation benchmark tourism - get inspired from others

Innovation translates to growth

"Innovation may sound like a creative art: hard to quantify, dependent on lightning-bolt inspiration, subject to the availability of magic dust and luck. It’s true that innovation relies, to an extent, on the vagaries of ingenuity. But according to McKinsey research, innovation—and, crucially, the type of outperformance that innovation can spark in organizations—is much more likely to happen when there is a rigorous process in place to bring ideas to fruition.


The simple fact is that innovation translates to growth: innovation leaders generate almost twice as much revenue growth from innovation as their competitors" (McKinsey, 2024).

About aiRikr


aiRikr Innovation is a Swedish company, based in the greater Copenhagen innovation eco-system. We operate throughout the Nordic countries and countries connected to the eco-system corporate multinationals, public sector, startups, scaleups, incubators, accelerators, municipalities, universities and corporate multinationals.

We guide innovation and provide advice to boards, in businesses and public organisations who wants to strengthen their competitive advantage, market relevance and ensure long term success. 

aiRikr Innovation collaborates with multiple partners, with independent expertise in networks of specialized skillsets that are connected and loosly coupled to adapt to address and resolve challenges related to innovation, new sustainable business, structural- & regulatory challenges, sustainable transformation and change.

Partners & Initiatives

Japan Innovation Network - Amplify - Curlabs - - BioSector Japan - City of Kobe - UNICEF - AI Sweden - City of Malmö - City of Lund - City of Helsingborg - Lund University - Vinnova - UNOPS - Sony - Sony Ericsson - Tetra Pak

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